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May 20, 2024

Full 2024 BAL Finals schedule confirmed

The BAL Season 4 has entered a defining moment with the 2024 Playoffs and Finals set to take place from May 24 to June 1 at BK Arena in Kigali, Rwanda.
The top eight teams from the regular season to compete in the Playoffs and Finals are: Al Ahly Ly (Libya), Al Ahly SC (Egypt), AS Douanes (Senegal), Cape Town Tigers (South Africa), FUS Rabat (Morocco), Petro de Luanda (Angola), Rivers Hoopers (Nigeria) and US Monastir (Tunisia).
The eight teams have been ranked based on the points accumulated in the conference phase.
The 2024 BAL Playoffs and Finals will begin with a classification round where the top team will play against the next best team.
The next phase will be the Quarterfinals and losing teams will be eliminated from the tournament.
Here’s how teams rank ahead of the classification round:
No.1 - Al Ahly SC (5-1)
No.2 - FUS Rabat (3-1)
No.3 - Rivers Hoopers (4-2)
No.4 - AS Douanes (3-3)
No.5 - Petro de Luanda (2-2)
No.6 - US Monastir (3-3)
No.7 - Al Ahly Ly (3-3)
No.8 - Cape Town Tigers (1-3)
And here is a breakdown of the 12 games that will determine the winner of the season.