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May 12, 2024

Watch the latest stories from the 2024 Sahara Conference on BAL Daily Episode 16

On episode 16, Silalei takes the viewers through the standings at the start of the 5th day of games mentioning the buzzer beater of AS Douanes.

Want to find out how Rivers Hoopers became the first team to qualify to the Playoffs? A post-game interview with Peter Olisemeka sheds light on how the Nigerian champions pulled off a successful Sahara Conference campaign after a double-overtime win over APR.

As US Monastir record their second win in a row, host Silalei als talks to George Williams about their winning momentum.

We then talk about what the players do on their off days including a beautiful day with BAL 4 Her talking about embracing failure and learning to overcome it.

BAL 4 Her, the ladies talked about embracing failure and learning to overcome it.

If you’re in Dakar, buy a ticket to catch the last day games and be a part of the magican BAL live experience! And if you’re not in town, you can always watch the streamed games on our YouTube page and of course catch up with episodes of the BAL Daily.