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May 29, 2024

Who will make it to the 2024 BAL Final? – Semifinal PREVIEW

Regardless of Wednesday's Semifinal games, the four semi-finalists will remain in Kigali until the last day of the 2024 BAL season, scheduled to end on Saturday, June 1.
The other four teams, who came up short in the Quarter-Finals, have left the Rwandan capital and most have pledged to try to earn a right to return to the pan-African league in 2025.
But until then, it’s all about the 2024 BAL Semi-Finals scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 29 at BK Arena.
The four teams left to fight for this season’s title are Al Ahly Ly (Libya), Cape Town Tigers (South Africa), Petro de Luanda (Angola) and Rivers Hoopers (Nigeria).
Rivers Hoopers, the first Nigerian team to qualify to the BAL Playoffs, will face Al Ahly Ly at 5:00 pm (EAT) while Petro de Luanda and Cape Town Tigers will trade blows at 8:00 pm (EAT) for the right to advance to the BAL Final.
Except for Petro de Luanda, Al Ahly Ly, Cape Town Tigers and Rivers Hoopers will play their first BAL Semi-Finals.
Al Ahly Ly and Hoopers will face off for the first time in BAL history.
Meanwhile, Tigers and Petro have faced each other four times since 2022.
They last faced each other two months ago during the 2024 Kalahari Conference where they shared one win apiece.
Petro de Luanda won their first three meetings, but South African champions protected their home in Pretoria with an 84-78 on the last day of Kalahari Conference.
A thorough look at the numbers that made these teams semi-finalists show that:

  • Cape Town Tigers scored 84 points per game, but allowed an average of 85 points per game.
  • Petro de Luanda scored the fewest points (67) per game but the Angolan champions have also allowed the fewest points (68) per game among the four contenders.
  •  Rivers Hoopers averaged almost as many points scored (75) and points conceded (76).
  • Al Ahly L scored the most points (87) per game than any other team in the postseason.

     Each  of the four teams has its unique characteristics.
    Al Ahly Ly not only became the first Libyan team to qualify for the BAL, but they have also reached the Last Four of the league in their first attempt.
    Petro de Luanda has become the only team that has never missed a Semi-Final appearance since the league inception in 2021.
    Cape Town Tigers are playing in their third straight season of the league while making it to the semis for the first time.
    Rivers Hoopers made their BAL debut in 2021 but have only advanced to the Playoffs this season.
    The Semi-Finals games will be available to watch on the website, NBA app, league’s partners  and additional coverage on the BAL social media platforms.