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The African Export-Import Bank, also known as Afreximbank, is a pan-African trade finance institution established in 1993 under the auspices of the African Development Bank. Its headquarters are in Cairo, Egypt. The African Import-Export Bank was established in 1993. The agreement creating the bank was signed by the member states in Abidjan on May 8, 1993, and grants the bank the status of an international organization with full legal personality under the laws of the participating states. Under the agreement, the participating states grant the bank certain immunities, exemptions, privileges, and concessions on their territories to facilitate banking activities in those territories.

  • Our Vision:
  • To be the trade finance bank for Africa.

  • Mission:
  • To foster the consistent expansion, diversification, and development of African trade, while operating as a leading, socially responsible, and profitable financial institution, as well as a center of excellence in African trade.

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