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Al Ahly (EGYPT)


Al Ahly (National Sporting Club) was founded in April 1907.

The Egyptian multi-sports club started the basketball journey by 1921 when the club dedicated a playground for its members to play basketball and practice its activities.

Not many members admired this sport at the beginning, and that is why the club stopped it after a while, before bringing it back to activity by 1927 with a new playground.

In 1930, some of the club football players and other club athletes decided to form the first official basketball team ever in the club's history.

The club between the 1930’s and 1960’s used to have two men's basketball teams: the first and the reserve. Both played official games/ competitions at that time.

The 1930/1931 season was the real start of basketball in Al Ahly which lasts till now, for more than 92 years.

The club now, is the oldest Egyptian basketball team to play it.

By the end of 1930’s, the club added another basketball team, the female one.

The club's female basketball team is the oldest Egyptian one now, like the males one.


Al Ahly (National Sporting Club) managed to clinch many Domestic, continental, and regional titles since then:

Domestic Titles:

Egyptian Super League: 6 times.
The last time was last season 2021/2022, which qualified the club to play the BAL this season.

Egyptian cup: 10 times.

The Egyptian Associated League: 8 times.

Cairo League: More than 25 times. (Official local federation still researching and counting)

Continental titles:

FIBA Africa Clubs Champions Cup: 1 time (2016)

African Basketball Cup Winners' Cup: 2 times (1998, 2000)

Regional titles:

The Arab Clubs Championship: 1 time (2021)