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The GIBA-BCAGS BASKETBALL ACADEMY sports association was created in 2017, under the initiative of its president, former professional player and member of the Central African national team, Mr. Cyrille DAMANGO.

GIBA-BCAGS, now BANGUI SPORTING CLUB as of APRIL 2022, is one of the elite basketball clubs in the Central African Republic. The aim is to promote physical education in general, including basketball, football, handball, volleyball, badminton, athletics, boxing, and para-sports.

Our Mission: To promote physical education by providing an appropriate environment and favorable conditions for young people to have an enriching experience in sports, social, and professional aspects.

Our Vision: To build suitable sports facilities. To strengthen the training of athletes and staff. To make BSC a reference on a continental and global scale



Men's Basketball League Champion of Bangui

Women's Basketball League Champion of Bangui

Champion of the Zone 4 Competition ROAD TO BAL Yaoundé October 2023

Champion of the Elite 16 WEST CONFERENCE Yaoundé November 2023

1st Qualification for the Basketball Africa League Season 4