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FUS de Rabat (MOROCCO)

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The Fath Union Sport (FUS) multi-sports club, founded on April 10, 1946, is considered one of the oldest clubs in the kingdom.​

Since the creation of FUS-Basket the same year, and on the momentum of its rise, the club has always evolved at the highest level of national basketball becoming until today the most successful team in the Kingdom with 29 trophy.​

Fath Union Sport has had this name since its creation, the name of the club was chosen by King Mohammed V insisting on the word "Fath", hence the name of a surah from the Koran (Al-Fath), which designates conquest or resounding victory in Arabic.​

The colors of the FUS are white and red. They were chosen during the founding of the club, integrating the ethnocultural and religious dimensions at the time of the French protectorate.​

The first FUS logo uses the colors of the club with the name of the club written in Arabic in the middle. But the most striking remains the royal acronym with the star of Morocco at the top. This is a historical heritage that Mohammed V granted to the FUS, since he was one of the designers of the logo.​